Process of De Odor

  • Polluted are passed though UV zone, molecular bonds are destroyed by Ultra violet light of wave length 254nm、at the same time, Oxygen is disassembled by ultra violet light of wave length 185nm
  • Activated Atom start oxidation of organic material
  • O atom combine with oxygen(O²) and generate Ozone(O³)
  • O atom oxidize organic material and its reaction produce CO² and H²O
  • Ozone odor is created

What is UV(Ultra Violet)?

UV(Ultra Violet) is not visible. Wave Length of range is 100nm~380nm.

UV is divided to UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and V-UV.

Range of UV-C wave length have 250-270nm wave length which can terminate Virus, Bacteria and cell Furthermore-UV(@185nm) can create O³(Ozone) by activated O². Ozone have a very efficient role in oxidizing organic material and have the effect of removing odors. * V-UV:Vacuum UVの略称です

UV-C is a kind of light with very high energy, and its action can break molecular bonds of organic material. After breaking of molecular bonds, oxidation begins.

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